Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tips for Getting Things Done

I'm as good of a procrastinator as the next person, but I also hate the feeling of putting things off for too long. And of course nothing feels better than checking something off your list that's been on there for a long time. I often, if only for a brief moment, feel pretty confident I could conquer the world after such times. :D

I work full time, most of which is from my home office. It's both a luxury and not at the same time. Because sometimes it's easier to do housework than paperwork and vice versa, and distractions are often plentiful. I've found that making separate lists for work and home has really helped me in prioritizing what to do and when. And it's a lot easier to focus on what I'm doing when I'm not trying to remember everything else I have to do in the back of my head.

So if you're thinking of things you need to do while reading this, stop right now and write them down. 

Here are my favorite list-keeping tips:

1. Set a goal/deadline. It's easier to get things done if you give yourself a deadline. Even if it's one you just make up for no reason it will help motivate you to get things done. Or aim for a certain number of tasks a day. Whatever motivates you most.

2. Check things off as you go.  This helps me keep momentum. If I finish one thing I'm more likely to do another, and maybe even another. Sometimes finishing one small task and checking it off your list is all the confidence you need to tackle something more difficult.

3. Reward yourself.  (The main reason I like to finish my to-do list in the first place. :D) I usually reward myself with some quiet time reading a new book or sipping a latte while I catch up on my favorite blogs. Or go on a walk. Whatever you like to do, make yourself finish some tasks before you indulge.

So, go and be productive! :)
2 comments on "Tips for Getting Things Done"
  1. i would spend the whole day lazying around procrastinating about the things i could do and all the things i should do. and still at the end of the dau i ended up doing nothing. this is how my summer is spent. but your blogs gives me the motivation. to start with the little things. kudos!


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