Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Why I Share My Life Online

Recently on a slow afternoon I spent some time sitting on the couch scrolling through my social media feeds on my phone. This isn't an unusual occurrence, but I was particularly struck with the realization of how encouraged, inspired, and happy I felt after looking at other people's exciting adventures and beautiful talents, rather than discontentment and inadequacy.

One friend was sharing about the process of making wedding cakes and all the time and planning that goes into it. Another friend was also doing the sitting-on-the-couch-scrolling-through-Instagram thing (yay!). And another friend was shopping around local junk shops to search for unique treasures.

The information I learned from that "couch session" isn't pivotal to my life or well being, I could go the rest of my life without knowing those things about those people and what anyone else is doing with their lives. But I felt enriched to learn about what they enjoy and how they spend their time.. Each of them inspired me in different ways to try new things, look for hidden gems in my corner of the world, and that it's okay to take it easy once in a while and sit on my couch to admire the gifts and adventures that other people have.

I'm grateful they felt free to share their talents and everyday moments with their online community, and I believe each of them did so with the intent to inspire or encourage others.

We talk a lot online about comparison and showing our real lives instead of just the cute, fun moments. And, while I'm all about being real, I do know that sharing a photo of my messy kitchen isn't going to inspire you to go clean yours. So, while we can always overdo and overuse the things we have in life, we can use the resources we have wisely, for encouragement and inspiration rather than as a source for discontentment and comparison.

Inspiration. Encouragement. Community. 

That's why I share my life online.

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear why you share parts of your life online.
4 comments on "Why I Share My Life Online"
  1. I love this, Bethany! I for one have grown SO weary of all the articles bashing social media and it was refreshing to read a positive one. My thought is that if scrolling social media makes me feel inadequate or discontent, that is a reflection of my own insecurity or poor attitude, rather than the fault of the "perfect poster!" Your last sentence sums it up well. <3

    1. You're exactly right, it's a reflection of ourselves and where we're at more than anything else. Thanks so much! <3

  2. I would agree...I love how inspiring Instagram can be and how much awareness it can bring. There are so many beautiful places in the world that I would have not been aware of if it had not been for Instagram. I've also never really thought of minimalism or simplicity until I joined Instagram a few years back, and it has made me become more intentional. Even the idea of supporting small businesses has never been a big passion of mine until Instagram. I find that I'm more purposeful of where I choose to spend my money. Even though the temptation to compare is always there for me, there is so much more that I have gained from Instagram, including a wonderful community of people that I can relate to.

    1. I love that you pointed out these things because I can say the same for myself. A lot of my passions and who I am now are because of things I've learned about and become aware of since becoming a part of the Instagram community. And I think I'm better off because of it. :)


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