Friday, August 12, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe

I know what you're thinking, another one of those posts. Capsule wardrobes are right up there with Plexus and politics, you either love it or hate it and you certainly have a strong opinion about it. And I would've agreed with you, until yesterday.

This week has been a sluggish one for me. I don't know if it's the rainy, cloudy weather, but I've been feeling foggy lately and I'm trying to find ways to shake it so I can knock some things off my to-do list. Ironically, last Friday I shared my current desktop wallpaper that is a marble background with the words "just begin." And then yesterday I came across a blog recommended by another blogger who was being interviewed on one of my recent favorite podcasts.*

So put the two together and yesterday you would've found me in my closet putting together a capsule wardrobe.

If this sort of thing interests you at all, The Vivienne Files shares a delightfully E A S Y way to put together a capsule wardrobe in her step-by-step guide: Starting from Scratch. And she doesn't even make you include all the Common Wardrobe pieces like a white tee, chambray shirt, and little black dress (all of which I actually like, too, btw).

After months of mulling over how to perfectly coordinate my wardrobe so I could have an infinite number of outfit combinations, and then weeks of hunting for the perfect pieces to add to it, I went through my closet and put together a capsule wardrobe in about 10 minutes yesterday.**
my capsule wardrobe color palette

So what have you been thinking about lately that you need to just begin? Or what is your experience with capsule wardrobes?

*concise version 
**slightly exaggerated
3 comments on "Capsule Wardrobe"
  1. Man. This was so helpful. Do you mind if I ask a few questions? For instance, how do you know what your colors are? Like I picked black (what my skin seems to look best in) and tan and then do you pick accent colors according to what season you're planning for? I don't actually have enough of clothes to change every season, but you know what I mean? It would be so fun to have a person's help with this! In case you're ever in PA ;)

  2. I picked colors based on what I like to wear mostly. I don't like a lot of bright bold colors, but I think the seasons influence that some. I don't wear much white in the fall/winter but I do in the spring/summer. I wear a lot of neutrals normally and I just like a simple, classic look for myself over trendy styles. What helped a lot in figuring out my style was to save outfits on Pinterest that I liked and then look at all of them as a whole and find similarities I was repeatedly drawn to (outfits with jean jackets, black and white stripes, etc.)
    Hope that helps! :)

    1. Yes those are helpful tips! The blog you recommended was also really helpful. Thanks. And you have a lovely wardrobe by the way.


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