Thursday, June 2, 2016

House Tour : Kitchen / Coffee Bar / Pantry

I'm sharing updates of our house each week, one room at a time. 

This area of the house is pretty well established but there are still some things waiting for attention. We're going to back the island with fake rock and we're planning to add white fake brick backsplash sometime soon. You'll also notice that the only glimpse you get of the pantry is the door and a dark room. And that will have to do for now. :D

Thanks for following along each week, enjoy!

The Coffee Bar:

The Pantry:

Other room updates:
Main Bathroom
Guest Room
Laundry Room
Living Room
Dining Room
Master Bedroom + Bathroom

Next week: Entryway.
1 comment on "House Tour : Kitchen / Coffee Bar / Pantry"
  1. It's our duty to make our houses most amazing one and Decorate them beautifully . Because it leaves great impact on others. This is great share.


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