Wednesday, June 8, 2016

House Tour : Entryway

I'm sharing updates of our house each week, one room at a time. 

Hello, entryway! The poor overlooked room that's very patiently waiting for some personalization. It will happen, but here it is in all its raw glory. :)

The front door is a faithful "blank" that is waiting to be replaced with the real deal. --When we are ready to decide what we want and dish out the dough for it. (Who knew something so simple and necessary could cost so much?)

The steps will eventually get some nice, stained treads, and a rock backer. And we're going to add some sort of closet or coat hanging system out here someday.

And we don't make a habit of leaving a gun by the door, but it's still there from Gus chasing a mouse up a tree the other week and Doug decided to do some target practice. :D Doug: 0 Mouse: 1

Other room updates:
Main Bathroom
Guest Room
Laundry Room
Living Room
Dining Room
Kitchen / Coffee Bar / Pantry
Master Bedroom + Bathroom

Next week: Master Bedroom! 

I'm running out of house to show, so I'll only be doing this for a couple more weeks. And then I think I'm going to start a list to knock out the rest of the to-do's for each room. :D It's been good for me to publicly share our house. If you need some motivation to spruce up your space, I challenge you to do it! And let me know, because I love to see how other people set up their homes. :)
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