Wednesday, April 27, 2016

House Tour : Main Bathroom

I recently noticed my most-viewed post is the one of our house soon after we moved in (over a year ago now). And as I looked back at the photos I realized it's high time for an update! Because our house doesn't really look like that anymore. :) All of the rooms actually have doors now, the trim and baseboard is done, we've acquired a few more furniture pieces, and I've discovered my decor style.

So my goal is to share one room each week to give you an update of how our house looks now.*

*Decor and furniture arrangement subject to change at any burst of inspiration.

I'm starting with the main bathroom, since it's one of the most complete rooms in our house at present. (There is always the constant search for decor items and small projects to finish off a space, but that seems to be an endless process.)

Now, the photos:

Other room updates:
Kitchen / Coffee Bar / Pantry
Master Bedroom + Bathroom

Next week I'll be sharing our guest room. Thanks for stopping by!
3 comments on "House Tour : Main Bathroom"
  1. Your home is so lovely, and I love your clean, fresh style! Can't wait to see more. :)

    1. Thank you! :) It's so much fun having a home to decorate and make our own.

  2. Beautiful! Do you happen to have a link for the printables from Pinterest? I searched and couldn't find them but would love to use them.


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