Friday, January 29, 2016


Happy first Birthday to our first little family addition. :)

the patio door is his favorite spot to watch us inside the house
Last February we saw an advertisement on Facebook for some adorable Golden Retriever puppies. And who can resist that?? So a phone call and puppy visit later we had one picked out. Now came the tough part of choosing a name. (Neither of us are very good at naming things...our poor future children.)

So, being the resourceful 21st century adult that I am, proceeded to google male dog names. As we were driving home I read through the list of names, hoping one would *jump* out at us. And sure enough, I read "Gus" and Doug said, hey! That's it!

We also call him Goose (thanks to my niece who couldn't quite say "Gus"), Goosey, Goose Man, and Guster ( from Burton Guster on Psych; we threaten to get a black dog and name it Shawn. haha.)

It's been an eventful year learning how to take care of a puppy and dealing with the occasional inconvenient messes, but we knew what was coming.

The most memorable mess was last spring when I was preparing to host a Mother Daughter Tea for Mother's Day. I had the house set up and ready the day before and we went away for the evening. When we came home late that night we found the front door OPEN and Gus no where in sight... Of course I immediately pictured the house ransacked, dirty paw prints everywhere, and the decorations in a mess on the floor.

But thankfully my worst nightmare didn't come true. :)

We found Gus in the back bedroom ripping apart some leftover tulle from our wedding (which I thankfully didn't care about anymore). And surprisingly no paw prints anywhere. (We had a wet spring so I don't know how he managed that... Unless he wiped his paws when he came in. haha.) Other than some pieces of trash tore up in the entryway, the house looked untouched. *huge sigh of relief*

Life would be dull without him around. :)

And now your daily dose of cute puppy photos (you're welcome)...

His first day with us. Moving is tiring, apparently. :)
He was so tiny!
yeah...still haven't trained him to take walks properly. oops.
that face though :D
his first ride on the gator with "grandpa" while we were away on vacation
the face that greets us every time we come home :)

Happy Friday, folks. :)
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