Friday, June 5, 2015

Encouragement + Getting Older

Encouragement is something that I value a lot more now than I did when I was younger.

When you're young you can live off of the excitement of life, gaining new freedom as you become an adult and having fun times with your friends. You live for the next party or road trip, and when you're at work you dream of how you can make the most of your paycheck. But as you get older, you change, your friends change, and so does the fun.

Some of the people that I used to be friends with, I haven't talked to in years. --Primarily because we live far apart and our paths don't cross anymore.-- But it's ok. They found friends in their corner of the world, and I found friends in mine.

Changes aren't easy, and there is nothing wrong them, it's just life.

The thing I cling to is that each person I met was brought into my life to help shape me in becoming who I am today. I may never see some of my old friends again, but I still highly value them and the impact they made on my life.

And now that I'm older life has more meaning. People are more true to themselves when the hustle and bustle of the teenage years are over and wear off. My friendships go deeper than they used to. And I find the need for encouragement more than I used to. Tell me I'm not the only one? :)

Receiving notes or kind words from someone mean the world to me now. I appreciated them before, but they have more value to me now. Because life is scary, sometimes it doesn't feel like what you do matters and no one notices. So when someone makes the effort, I cling to that.

And I want to make an effort to do that for the people in my life. First, by writing these thoughts down for whoever reads this (I hope you're encouraged!). And second, by practicing what I preach. One of the goals I made this year, and it will hopefully stick for years to come, is to send birthday cards to my close friends and family. And I want to do a lot more writing and card-sending in general.

I'm a lover of all things techie and social, but social media has made me feel less close and personal with the people I care about, and I miss that. So here's to turning over a new leaf. I know it isn't New Years, and I'm 6 months behind. --Or is it 6 months ahead? ;) But I figured now is always a good time to set new goals and make things happen.
And let us consider how we may spur on another on
toward love and good deeds ... encouraging one another
And all the more as you see the day approaching.
Hebrews 10:24, 25b
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