Friday, December 19, 2014

Our House

front door

entryway (front door from the inside)

our office --starting after the new year I'll be working from home! 
and this is my favorite wall. 

 pantry -- waiting for shelves


hall closet

laundry room -- my favorite!! I could have found a chandelier for every room.

guest room -- we have 2! and we love to have company. :)

main bathroom

master bedroom

walk-in closet

master bathroom

and that's it. We still have a lot to do but for now we're taking a break 
and just enjoying being in our own house. 
2 comments on "Our House"
  1. Thanks for the tour of your home. It is lovely...

  2. Your home looks so cozy and beautiful.All the rooms are very well planned and love how you have done the interior. love the selection of furniture as nothing seems to be over done and everything looks perfect and in order.


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